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“Everybody thinks Cuba is Los Van Van, Benny Moré, Reggaeton, Buena Vista Social Club.”
- Iván Lejardi Mesa


Celebrating music, dance and youth culture, this visually stunning, intimate and unique window into the worlds of Maya, Yojany, Yelda, Teresita and Lejardi is a chance to see a Cuba you may have never seen before. We follow five young Cubans; a skater, tattoo artist, actor, ballerina and an electronica DJ over ten days in Havana. What is it that they want in their Cuba and in their futures?


Featuring music by Ivan Lejardi, Wichy De Vedado, Benny Moré, Yissy Garcia, El Búho, Tsuki No Wa, Milton Cordona, Yo-Yo Ma, Quails, Tunnel Signs and more.


"Many suggested that I come here and ask the people of Cuba to tear something down -- but I’m appealing to the young people of Cuba who will lift something up, build something new. El futuro  de Cuba tiene que estar en las manos del pueblo Cubano."

March 22, 2016
Remarks by President Obama to the People of Cuba
Gran Teatro de la Habana
Havana, Cuba

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